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BIKAJI NUT CRACKER 200G-”Tradycyjna indyjska wytrawna przekąska ”

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NUT CRACKER- Peanuts in spices. A cult classic, a snack without which many people cannot imagine a social gathering. Selected peanuts evenly covered with a great mixture of spices and flour.



Bikaji is a well-known and reputable brand that produces traditional Indian snacks and sweets.

The vision of Shri Agarwal, the founder of the company, was to reach every consumer with an authentic Indian flavor, reflecting the culture and values ​​of India. Over the years, Bikaji has managed to win the hearts of customers around the world with its power of ethnic snacks. Today, Bikaji stands for authentic Indian flavor, with a variety of products, and is known as the largest producer of Indian Bhujia snacks in the world.

Fans of spicy and savory snacks can now enjoy the variety of flavors of Bikaji products offered in our store.

Peanuts (60%), edible vegetable oil, chickpea flour, edible table salt, turmeric (dyes and seasoning), asafoetida, acidity regulator (INS330), chili, black salt, cloves, black pepper, cinnamon, ginger, cumin, nutmeg

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